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Reading Tutors

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Reading is the fundamental skill that every child needs to develop. Being able to read well will affect his or her ability to understand, communicate, and write. Our tutors carefully select reading materials that cater to our students’ interest and inspire them to become better readers.

Our tutors truly get to know the students’ needs and create a personal plan for his or her success. Step-by-step, our students will advance in their reading level and further challenge themselves with materials beyond their level. Not only do we teach them how to read effectively, but we also make reading fun!

Our Approach

Before providing students with reading materials, we first assess the student’s reading ability. We aim to help students push ahead in their grade level, focusing to continuously challenge themselves. Our reading assessments will give the parents an understanding of their child’s progress. Ultimately, students will feel that reading is fun, but not frustrating.

What we can do for your child

  • Reading comprehension
  • Reading analysis of short stories, news articles, compositions
  • Literary analysis
  • Vocabulary enrichment

English Tutor Network Advantages

  • Custom learning plan
  • Progress Tracking
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • No contract required