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Whether your child needs help with developing the fundamentals of grammar, constructing thesis statements, or completing a competitive college application essay, our proven writing tutors will help you develop the necessary writing skills to succeed in all written communication.

Struggling with school writing assignments, essay-writing, and literary analyses? When you choose English Tutor Network, our writing tutors will identify all the necessary fixes and shape your child into an effective writer.

Our Approach

For tutors to help students improve on their writing, we first need to identify where they struggle. Therefore, it is important that students provide us past compositions. Tutors may also provide an initial assessment, where students will write freely under a timed period. Ultimately, students will feel that writing can be fun, and not an obligation from their teachers.

What we can do for your child

On top of regular homework help, our tutors will also focus on the following for your child:

  • Spelling and Vocabulary Enrichment
  • Grammar and Sentence Structure
  • Literary Analyses
  • Exam Preparation

Essay Workshops - A dedication to improve writing

Most students are worried about writing essays, especially under time constraint. In our essay workshops, students would be shown how to refine every part of their essay from perfecting their introduction paragraph, to finishing with a strong conclusion statement. Through time and practice, your child will be able to produce flawless writing that is concise, yet detail enough to achieve a high score.

In our essay workshops, the following are featured:

  • High School Essays: The 6-point Scale
  • Weekly composition essay practice
  • Proofreading
  • Essay Analysis: Argumentative, Cause & Effect, Comparison & Contrast, Narrative, Descriptive, Classification
  • Literary Analyses and literary devices
  • Timed writing exercises

English Tutor Network Advantages

  • Custom learning plan
  • Progress Tracking
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • No contract required